Sunday, April 1, 2007

Disney Cruise 2007

We just got back from our cruise!! It was great. Here's a quick synopsis: We got on the ship on March 24. There was a big getting on the boat party that night. The next day we stopped at Key West. We did not have any excursions planned for Key West so we rented scooters. We rode around and stopped to take pictures at the most southern point of the United States and at Ernest Hemingway's house. Here is the picture of that point. That night Mandy and I got a massage at the spa and it felt great. I had to tell my 115 pound masseuse to let up a little on the pressure, she was practically beating me up!
The next day we were at sea all day and we played games and ate food. That night we dressed up in formal wear and took pictures with the captain. This is the day that I found the ice cream bar!
On Tuesday we were going to go and swim with the stingrays but it was too windy, so we could not go on the excursion. So again, rented scooters and rode around the Grand Cayman. We were going to get leather jackets and make a gang that was called Wild Hogs but that is a new Disney movie so we decided on the Wild Dueling Bunnies. On Grand Cayman there is a Sea Turtle farm where they raise sea turtles. It was really neat so see these hunrdreds of rare sea turtles. I was able to touch them and hold them as well. After the sea Turtles we went to Hell. Please see pictures!
On Wednesday we went to Cozumel and saw the ruins at Tulum. It was incredible. The guide explained to us what the world thinks of the ruins. Then we then ran into a guy named Mosiah. He told us about the ruins from the Book of Mormon perspective. It was amazing.
On Thursday we were at sea and we played games, watched the shows, and two movies, National Treasure and Meet the Robinsons. We also spent some time on the top deck to get some sun.
On Friday we went to Castaway Cay. It is Disney's private island. We sat on the beach that was only for 18 years old and older. It was very quite and peaceful. The water was so clear! One person made the comment that it was cleaner than pool water. Then we got on the boat and went back to Florida. We stayed an extra day in Florida to walk around Epcot with Shelley and Jamie. They were good friends of ours from BYU. It was a great trip. I was completely blown away at how wonderful and relaxing this vacation was. We took lots of pictures, feel free to take a look!