Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Observant, again.

Once again, I mentioned something in passing and my husband jumped at the chance to solve the problem. The culprit this time? How much I want to change the background template of this blog. It bugs me, but never enough to do anything about it. As I was reading a friend's blog I mentioned to Nate how cute the template was and how boring ours is.......next thing I know, I look on our own blog to find this......okay, so it looks exactly the same as before except for a thin, strange brown design on the sides, and there's a weird transparent link right over the title of the first post, but that doesn't matter. It's like Valentine's day every day being married to this sweet guy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Put 'er there!

*I just needed something to post to get rid of that ticker......seriously.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


pregnancy week by week

I have no desire to have a constant update of my pregnancy on my blog. It's selfish of me, really, and kind of a mental game I play with myself, but I don't want to be told EXACTLY how far along I am or how many days I have left. I like to lie to myself a little. For example, the day after I hit a certain number of weeks, I tell myself I am already at the following week's progress. Also, I prefer to think, at six months, that it means there are three months left, instead of the actual four, (a worldwide fallacy with which I am willing to play along). Tomorrow I want to be able to say, Mandy, you are about 28 weeks along, when in fact I will only be 27 weeks and one day. And that darn little blue ticker will be brutally honest every single day! Nope, I won't have it. I like my mind games. I NEED my mind games.

So, I boycott the ticker. Why, then, did I put one up on this post? Because today while I was looking at a friend's ticker I clicked on it, and came to find that instead of developmental progress you could have the ticker tell little jokes about pregnancy. (If it didn't also have the "days left" part, I might have caved and put a permanent one on my blog). Also, I just happened to find today's joke super funny, because so many people look at you with doe eyes and ask how you're feeling when they probably don't really want to know. And if they do want to know, it's most likely because they already DO know, and they either want to gloat or commiserate.

Please don't get me wrong, I fully support this social habit. I'm sure I've been known to give the doe eyes myself, because it's a comforting feeling when a friend says their hips feel like they just might split in two, or anything else that makes me think, "Me, too!"

Anyway, this post wasn't supposed to be this long, but I feel I should mention that even though I do count down the days, and yes, my hips hurt, I'm actually enjoying this time. Somehow even getting kicked in the ribs isn't so bad when you're pregnant, and that's always nice.