Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I'm Not Smart Anymore

I'm feeling like my I.Q. has dropped significantly in the last few years. I had to help my 13 year-old niece with her Algebra homework last week and I seriously wanted to cry I miss math so much. I miss being good at something. I miss feeling smart. I miss intelligent conversation. My most recent conversation went something like this:

Leaving the cousin's house for the airport:

uh bye bye, uh Devon. Me: Yep, we said goodbye to Devon. G: Uh bye bye, uh Josh. Me: That's right, we said goodbye to Josh. G: Uh, yeah. Bye bye uh Lyssa? Me: Yes, Alyssa too. (Repeat for Brianna, Zach, Mckenna, and Cameron). G: Mommy? Me: Yes Grayden? G: Black. Me: You see something black? G: Yeah. Mommy? Uh pink. Me: You see something pink? G: Uh yeah. Mommy? Uh Red. Me: What do you see that's red? G: Uh flag. Me: You see a red flag? G: Uh yeah. More? More flag? Me: We can try and look for another flag. G: Uh please? Me: I don't see another flag, but I'll look for one. G: Uh car. Mommy, uh car. Brown. Me: You see a brown car? G: Uh yeah. Mommy? Uh airplane? Uh sky. Me: Yes, we're going on an airplane in the sky. G: Uh fly? Mommy, uh fly? Uh airplane? Me: That's right, it flies. We're going home to see Daddy. G: DAAAAAAAAAAD! DAAAAAAAADDDY! DAAAAAAAAD! Uh work? Me: Yes, Daddy's at work, but we're going to see him tonight. G: Mommy? Uh flag?

And it continues. I'll put you out of your misery. But that's a really good snapshot of the 45 minute drive. Don't get me wrong, it was hilarious. I love talking to him. It just doesn't take a whole lot of brain power, you know?

So, I'm trying to think of ways to use my brain. I haven't come up with any good ideas.....aaaaaand we're back to the whole I.Q. problem.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Super. Annoyed.

Can someone who is more tech savvy than Nate and myself please tell me why our family picture is perfectly crystal clear as our desktop background, in Picasa, when printed out, and when shown in the blogger uploading window, but then is a blurry mess when I actually open my blog and see the header?

I'm too grumpy to spend any more time on it. I request help from anyone who reads this.