Monday, January 31, 2011

Why I'm Not Smart Anymore

I'm feeling like my I.Q. has dropped significantly in the last few years. I had to help my 13 year-old niece with her Algebra homework last week and I seriously wanted to cry I miss math so much. I miss being good at something. I miss feeling smart. I miss intelligent conversation. My most recent conversation went something like this:

Leaving the cousin's house for the airport:

uh bye bye, uh Devon. Me: Yep, we said goodbye to Devon. G: Uh bye bye, uh Josh. Me: That's right, we said goodbye to Josh. G: Uh, yeah. Bye bye uh Lyssa? Me: Yes, Alyssa too. (Repeat for Brianna, Zach, Mckenna, and Cameron). G: Mommy? Me: Yes Grayden? G: Black. Me: You see something black? G: Yeah. Mommy? Uh pink. Me: You see something pink? G: Uh yeah. Mommy? Uh Red. Me: What do you see that's red? G: Uh flag. Me: You see a red flag? G: Uh yeah. More? More flag? Me: We can try and look for another flag. G: Uh please? Me: I don't see another flag, but I'll look for one. G: Uh car. Mommy, uh car. Brown. Me: You see a brown car? G: Uh yeah. Mommy? Uh airplane? Uh sky. Me: Yes, we're going on an airplane in the sky. G: Uh fly? Mommy, uh fly? Uh airplane? Me: That's right, it flies. We're going home to see Daddy. G: DAAAAAAAAAAD! DAAAAAAAADDDY! DAAAAAAAAD! Uh work? Me: Yes, Daddy's at work, but we're going to see him tonight. G: Mommy? Uh flag?

And it continues. I'll put you out of your misery. But that's a really good snapshot of the 45 minute drive. Don't get me wrong, it was hilarious. I love talking to him. It just doesn't take a whole lot of brain power, you know?

So, I'm trying to think of ways to use my brain. I haven't come up with any good ideas.....aaaaaand we're back to the whole I.Q. problem.


Lisa Lou said...

OH MY GOSH!!! This made me laugh and smile so much! I don't really have any suggestions... except I do know through BYU Independent Study they have some free courses.

joan said...

Mandy - My brain theory: Evwerything cannot fit it. So, when you learn something new, something has to fall out! You are just learning 1 yeara old talk! Seriously, no dummy could raise such a beautiful child or live with his father! Love you all

Shelley Nicole said...

I know I'm way behind the times, but I just read this, and I laughed hard. And I love you!