Friday, June 26, 2009

Dear Diary

Disclaimer: What follows is a purely selfish journaling post for my benefit. Lots of pictures, quick explanations, like a travel log. However, if you are interested, this pretty much wraps up our month of June 2009.

After the blessing, my sister Amy and her husband Eric came to visit us all the way from China. We entertained each other for four days, and loved every minute.

Then we all met up in Disneyland with my parents and my sister Chandra. Disneyland is always wonderful, but this trip was super special for a number of reasons.

It was Grayden's first time, at six weeks old, (which still doesn't beat Chandra taking her two week old). Thanks to Jamie for the shirt she gave him at my baby shower. Here we are in the Grand Californian, getting ready for the day.
Gray got the customary mouse ears:

Then for brunch we went to Club 33, an exclusive club for members with a restaurant above the Blue Bayou. In front of the elusive door:
The tiny elevator up to the restaurant:
The big round table where we sat:
They gave Gray a "1st time" pin:
And last but certainly not least, the toilets that look like wicker chairs. Good times!
We also saw the first night of the new and improved Fantasmic show in the VIP seating area. They provide you with treat boxes and serve you drinks.

Man, we were high class this trip! You would have thought we were celebrities:

While we were in California, we stopped in on my brother's commencement. For his Ph.D. in electrical engineering. (Ok, so it was the reason we went to Cali in the first place). It was a somber day of sincere introspection for him:

The next week my parent came into town again for my nephew Talon's baptism (followed by a rocking BBQ and pool party. I think my brother Ryan cooked a whole cow....and a pig.....and a few chickens) :
Next, my friend Shelley came into town and we had a day to hang out together, but I don't have any pictures of that yet. Shocking. But it was super fun to spend a day with her, I'm glad she came.

And, interspersed throughout June, we have been crazy first parents taking pictures of our new smiley boy. Or should I say goofy grinning boy. He kinda has an awkward smile:

As a side note, Nate and I woke up one morning to a grunting baby, and when I went to get him saw this. I made Nate run and get the camera. I gave birth to seal. But now when I say we're going to give him to the circus, we know he's got his act all planned out. He'll be a star.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Nate blessed Grayden on Sunday. The entire Kolbaba clan was able to come, and my parents and brother's family. It's so nice to spend a weekend with family.

Love these guys.