Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Letter

Dear random author of the New Mexico Bowl Game wikipedia page,

You know who you are.

I am going to the bowl game this Saturday. I wasn't quite sure in exactly what city the game is located, and I live in Las Vegas and lack a lot of clothing that is appropriate for cold weather. Unless you count the clothes my mom bought me 6 years ago the winter after I got home from my mission. Hoping that the temperature doesn't get too low at the game, I got onto trusty google and searched "New Mexico Bowl Game". To my surprise, one little bowl game has it's own wiki page! I have been instructed by wikipedia before, and usually find it's information informative. As I had hoped, in the first paragraph I learned the game is held in Albuquerque, where the winters are somewhat mild. Suddenly I wondered, is it so masterfully updated that it would contain the information about the 2010 bowl game? I scrolled down, and lo and behold, there was a sentence or two about this year's game:

The 2010 New Mexico Bowl included UTEP from Conference USA, the first time a team from outside the WAC or MWC had played in the game.

Nothing about BYU. Okay, I understand, if UTEP playing in the NM Bowl was a first timer, it deserves mentioning. But then I saw the chart.

Game results

Date Played Winning Team Losing Team Notes
December 23, 2006 San Jose State 20 New Mexico 12 notes
December 22, 2007 New Mexico 23 Nevada 0 notes
December 20, 2008 Colorado State 40 Fresno State 35 notes
December 19, 2009 Wyoming 35 Fresno State 28 (2OT) notes
December 18, 2010 UTEP ' BYU notes

Wait a gosh darn minute. Do you consider yourself some type of seer, Mr. Author? A super duper sports critic? You can't even use the excuse that you just put the teams in alphabetical order! Why, I ask, did you even have to list the teams as winning and losing at all? They haven't played yet. If you wanted to include the information about the competing teams, perhaps you could have added it after the special UTEP reference in the body of the paragraph.

Let me be clear, Wikiman. I went to BYU. My parents went to BYU. My husband played football for BYU. Every time my one year old sees the letter "Y" or a football helmet he yells "Go Cougars!". I'm a fan. And I don't appreciate you displaying your useless opinions to the entire world as if it were gospel.

I wanted BYU to win before, of course. But now that I've seen your stupid chart, I desperately want them to win, just to see those two team names FLIPPED.

Yours truly,

Mandy Kolbaba
Byu fan and Wikipedia boycotter