Monday, August 10, 2009

Wanna See Something Gross?

I love that question.

Of course
the answer is no, thank you. Who in their right mind says "Yes, please!" to that question? Except maybe a 12 year-old boy. (Or any age boy, but we're straying from the point).

The best part about that question is that no matter the answer, they always show you the gross thing anyway:

See? Told ya. Didn't you wake up this morning and think today I want to see clumps of Mandy's hair? No? Hm. Sorry about that.

Ladies, (I assume most people who see this blog are female.....although after that picture it's probably the gentlemen who didn't immediately close the browser window in disgust) this is after one shower. ONE. This has been going on for weeks and weeks. And that's not even the worst picture I could've taken! When will the insanity end?

I know I'm not alone in this, many women lose hair after pregnancy. My sisters lose their hair after they have babies. Actually, twice I have made the unfortunate faux pas of asking, "What happened to that section of hair right in the front of your hairline that is sticking straight up and is only an inch long?" And they remind me kindly that it's growing back from when it fell out after having a baby. And now it's my turn.

Boy, is it my turn.

If you leave a comment, please give me a clue as to when I can expect this wonderful aftershock of pregnancy to end. Thanks.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

All Hail Ad Match

Maybe WalMart doesn't have the greatest produce of all time, but it's average and I can handle that.....especially at these prices!!

I paid less than $12 for all of this:
That's 30 peaches, 13 pears, 8 tomatoes, 1 bunch of celery, and about 500 (6 lbs) of blueberries.

Cobbler, anyone?

*A special shout-out to Ranch Market, for advertising their peaches at 33 cents a pound so Walmart had to match their price.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Like Father Like Son

They say that the newborn walking reflex disappears by 6 weeks......but Grayden's is still going strong. Apparently Nate was walking at 8 months old, so I guess Nate really is the father.

He would do this all day if I had the energy.