Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Huge, aren't they? This is my niece Madi, but it's kinda hard to see her behind those huge peepers. Sadly, it's nearly genetically impossible for my kid to get these eyes. Maybe he'll get some other great features, like Nate's hair.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am a cow.

Or at least my husband thinks I am. He packs a lunch for me to take to work everyday (because he loves me) but today I was a little shocked when I got to work and looked in my bag.

He packed me leftover casserole from yesterday's dinner, an apple, and a ziploc bag of Fritos. Sounds like a perfect lunch, right?

Well, he also packed me a package of uncooked Top Ramen, a big bag of caramel Hershey Kisses, a bag of unpopped microwave popcorn, and a movie-sized box of Crunch candy.

What does this guy think I do for eight hours? I called him and asked if he was joking, because that's something he would do, and said he was about the Ramen.....meaning the rest was all for me! That dude makes me laugh. And, I may set a pregnancy weight gain record.

Friday, January 9, 2009


The Anderson family biennial murder mystery New Year's Eve extravaganza was a grand success. (I'll post about Christmas later). Everyone came in costume and character for a night of pillaging, looting, drinking, and swashbuckling good times.

Melissa and I were the governor's daughters, my dad's the governor, my mom is Thumbless Jacky, (I tell you that so you don't think she's making gang signs for the camera), Amy's hubby is the Commodore, Chandra was the galley wench, Nate was a "merchant sailor" and my love interest :) Everyone else was a crazy pirate name I can't remember. (Notice I am behind someone and holding my dress up to hide my bulging belly. I was a pretty inappropriate governor's daughter, I looked more like a pregnant prom queen from the 80's.)

Look at how well my sister made it look like a pirate meal! We had ribs and wings and all things meaty, nuts and grapes and ham and bean soup in tavern-y bowls, pirate plates, root and apple "beers" and cranberry "ale". She rocks.

Here she is serving everyone drinks in FULL character as a galley wench. I think she even got a little fiesty at someone and threw their bread at them.......

This is my brother who just got his doctorate in electrical engineering.......but this is his true self. And his wife Brita, also pregnant and due just a couple days after I am.

My mom's pirate pose is eerily similar to her rapper's pose that she made at the last murder mystery party two years ago.....that year was superhero year and she was decked out in baggy clothes and chains, but making this exact same pose. She's a riot.

Wendy's striped tights and pageant shoes from the 80s make her a winner in my book.....and below, her husband Cory with dreadlocks and a parrot on his shoulder made me laugh all night. How did every single one of my siblings find spouses that are willing to be as nutty as we are?

Nate's sailor outfit is so great, those are women's pants he found at a thrift store and a child's size sailor hat. He's a goofball, and I love him. Next to my dad, the governor.
And for memories' sake, Nate was the murderer, he killed Cory the pirate because Nate used to be a pirate and wanted his treasure, that and he needed to bring a pirate to justice in order to win my hand in marriage :) Too bad I dumped him after he commit the crime.