Sunday, April 27, 2008

Cruise Pictures!

We got back last Saturday from our Mexican Riviera cruise on the Holland America cruise line. It was fabulous! My parents and my sister Melissa and her husband Brad were with us, and we all really enjoyed the vacation and each other's company. I had some first time experiences on this trip, like seeing a bullfight (quite gruesome) and going four wheeling. Here are a few pictures, for the whole trip, you can click on the picasa link. Also, we're going to add more as soon as we get the pictures from Mel and Brad and my parents, so stay tuned.

We promised our friend Colin Moses that we would go to PiPi's while we were in Puerto Vallarta. The pina coladas were incredible! The guacamole was superb! The taxi driver that took us there was a jerk!
This is the bullfight. Sorry if blood makes you queasy, but it was really surprising how gory it was. There were four matadores and four dead bulls when we left. Very interesting cultural experience. Some of these dudes were super theatrical!
That is the first matador. That is the bull's ear in his hand, he cuts it off after it dies and then walks around showing everyone. We thought this guy looked like our friend Cosme, so we took lots of pictures.
Ok, this is Brad holding a cup in his shorts. Why? Because the four of us volunteered to play the pool games on the ship during the activity time. We did the transfer the orange down the line with your neck game, the runwith a pool noodle between you legs game, a game with a hula hoop, a belly-flop competition, (six month pregnant Melissa opted out of that one) and a swimming race. The favorite game was when the boys had to hold this cup in their shorts while the other team members got a rag and had to squeeze ice cold water into the cup, the first team to fill the cup won. We won :)
This was the largest shrimp we had seen. Pictures don't do it justice. The food was great the whole time.
What we looked like before four wheeling.
My hilarious parents. These pictures are even better than the scooter pictures from the Disney Cruise. (In front of the "Hell" mural with my dad making his best scowling face).
The most humiliating pose I made while Nate had the camera out. Worth documenting. What was I thinking?
Nate revving up to speed through the water. We got soaked. Hence the swimsuit attire.
This is my mother finishing up the largest margarita I've ever seen. We told her to make her best drunk face, maybe people won't know it was virgin, and therefore just a sugar high.
This was one of the many days we won the "daily trivia competition." We won an umbrella, a luggage tag, and a key chain. Go Anderson family champions!!!
This event was in Mazatlan, called Salsa and Salsa. First they taught us to make 7 kinds of salsa then they taught us how to salsa dance! Nate was the star of the show, of course, entertaining all the participants with his grooving hips. This was super fun!