Friday, January 21, 2011

Super. Annoyed.

Can someone who is more tech savvy than Nate and myself please tell me why our family picture is perfectly crystal clear as our desktop background, in Picasa, when printed out, and when shown in the blogger uploading window, but then is a blurry mess when I actually open my blog and see the header?

I'm too grumpy to spend any more time on it. I request help from anyone who reads this.



bethany said...

Doesn't seem to just be you. Seems to be a Blogger wide problem right now. Never fear!!

The suck part is that there's no solution right now. But I think Blogger is working on it.

bethany said...

In another forum, I found this suggestion: Upload it to photobucket first, then grab the direct link (not HTML code), and THEN upload it into blogger.