Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Observant, again.

Once again, I mentioned something in passing and my husband jumped at the chance to solve the problem. The culprit this time? How much I want to change the background template of this blog. It bugs me, but never enough to do anything about it. As I was reading a friend's blog I mentioned to Nate how cute the template was and how boring ours is.......next thing I know, I look on our own blog to find this......okay, so it looks exactly the same as before except for a thin, strange brown design on the sides, and there's a weird transparent link right over the title of the first post, but that doesn't matter. It's like Valentine's day every day being married to this sweet guy.


bethany said...

Nice job Nate! :)

Shelley Nicole said...

Aw, Nater :)

Palmer Family said...

At least you have some design to your blog. Mine is just boring and I'm married to a designer! Tell Nate he's cool!