Friday, March 13, 2009

Little Drama King

Hey, this is Nate. Mandy sent this email to the family after her most recent ultrasound, and I thought it was funny so I'm posting it.

After multiple failed attempts and much prodding, the kid (name debate continues) finally let us see a little more than the back of his head.....but only on his terms.


1. In picture one, his face is scrunched up with irritation and he's raising a menacing fist

2. In picture two (right after we took picture one) he opened his fist and held his open hand palm-out right in front of the camera, covering his face entirely. What are we, the paparazzi? "No pictures, please!" Stinkin' little prima donna.

3. In picture three, after moving his hand, he is smiling, no doubt he thought his picture two pose was a hilarious joke on us. He thinks he's so funny. He gets that from me.

4. And in picture four, he finally, (albeit grudgingly, see those pouting lips?) turns towards the camera.

The ultrasound technician said we're going to have our hands full with this one. Right after she asked if she could print out copies of these pictures for herself, since they look like a cartoon reel.

I realize he looks like a claymation alien, but any thoughts on who he resembles?

Well this might help resolve the debate. This picture was sent by my mom when she saw the ultrasound. It was taken shortly after I was born. The other is kid flipped.


The Crawford's 3 said...

Wow...What beautiful picture! You are definately going to have your hands full. Thanks for sharing!

Shelley Nicole said...

I knew those were Nate lips!!!!

Erica said...

Those are the best 3D ultra sound pictures I have ever seen. He is SO cute. How exciting!!!

Amy said...

I am so jealous you get to have so many cute pictures of your baby before he arrives and see what he looks like. It does look as though we have a little Nater on our hands. He's adorable. How are you feeling, Mandy? Can you believe how close it is getting? I can't. I have still so much to do before our little guy gets here.

Jamie said...

Oh my word, Paco really does look exactly like you Nater! Can't wait to meet him!

Palmer Family said...

Wow, Nate was a cute baby! You might just have one handsome little guy coming your way.