Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Ketchup!!

We had a Chicago Dog night with the Doziers. For those who haven't studied up on hot dog history, the chicago dog is very specific and those from the Windy City are very proud of it. Not only are the ingredients strangely precise, but there are also rules about how to cut the vegetables and there is even an ORDER you have to put them all on the bun....the poppyseed bun. But no ketchup! It's "taboo" to put ketchup on a chicago dog. Here's a picture of one:

I don't think I can remember all the ingredients, but they all went together very well and you sprinkle celery salt on the top......a stroke of genius, I say. We fudged on the peppers, those are not "sport peppers" like you're supposed to have, but it was delicious anyway.....I just hope no chicago dog police see this blog.

Pregnant ladies preparing their dawgs. I'm wearing an apron because I got tired of my stomach getting dirty every time I cook.

I think Nate was the only one who could fit the thing in his mouth. They were huge, but SO SO good!


Shelley Nicole said...

ha ha! Woohoo! Those look great! That will be on the list next time I come there! Love you!

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

hey Mandy, long time no talk!

I gotta say, hot dogs are usually the least appetizing thing out there, but those pictures make me want to get ball parks and some cucumber slices!

bethany said...

They look so good! But I have to ask, don't hotdogs give you terrible heartburn? They did when I was pregnant, but I guess that's really no different than any other food, right?!?

Jamie said...

That actually looks fairly fantastic! I'm going to have to look those puppies up! Do you have to make them with a Chicagoan to make them official?