Sunday, January 21, 2007

We have a Blog

Hello World! The Kolbaba's are on the Internet. You'd better watch out. We wanted to start a blog so that we could share our lives with those we love and care about. We plan on keeping this blog updated with all the comings and goings on in our lives.

Mandy has recently been accepted to the new Accelerated Bilingual nursing program in Phoenix. She is very excited about it. The classes start on February 20th. Her classes are Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 10:00pm. I am going to miss her oh so much.

In December, Nate was promoted to Assistant Project Manager for Toll Brothers. He is enjoying work very much and is learning a lot. He is also in the MBA program at University of Phoenix. He is going to walk on April 15th!

We bought a house this last year. It is great, we love the area and our ward. So far the house looks very white inside because we have only painted 3 walls, and the backyard is slowly getting landscaped, but we are enjoying it.

In March, we are looking forward to the Disney Cruise that we are going on. And, inspired by the cruise, we are working on losing the 50 cummulative pounds that we have gained since our wedding. I'm sure we will post an update on the blog about how the cruise went.

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Scott & Joan Kolbaba said...

We are also very excited about Mandy entering a bilingual RN program!! There is such a tremendous demand for nurses now that she will be able to work anywhere and almost anytime she wants for big bucks! I also think it provides a degree of satisfaction to know that you are truly helping people. Congrats to Nate also. We will be at his ceremony.

I think I have blogged enough.

M & D