Monday, July 7, 2008

Stinking Heat.

I miss my backyard. Sometimes I look out the back door like a kid on a rainy day and yearn for the time to come when we can go outside again.......alas, it will be October before the weather shapes up. Not that I'm not grateful....we had a BEAUTIFUL month of May and we have a couple get-out-of-the-heat trips planned during the worst of it. But I really miss my backyard! Our grass is at its greenest during the hottest months (does that make sense to anyone?) and our "shade" tree is getting so big and shady. Our BBQ and fire pit are just sitting there on the patio, collecting dust and lots of sun, and yet we stay inside with the AC. Sigh.

So, I post a tribute to the time we spend in our backyard in the normally gorgeous weather we have here in Phoenix. Then I'm going swimming.

This is Nate's sister, her hubby and four kids, and Nate's brother. Notice the kid in the orange, Cameron, as far from the fire as he could get. He was terrified. Then yesterday we were at their house and Cameron asked if we could do the fire again. Kids have 2-second memories. Anway, in this picture we are making s'mores, a common occurence at the Kolbaba household. (S'mores ingredients are in our food storage supply. Only the necessities, right?)


Racquel said...

I'm jealous that you actually have a backyard. Hmmm, maybe someday. :)

Those smores look tasty.

LisaLou said...

remember your mission companion Megan Barrus? she's in my ward here are super cute and fun.

Bethany Kartchner said...

Just gave you an award on my blog. Come see!

Cute family, btw!

Ryan and Melissa said...

Hey neighbor! So I forget that we live in the same valley, just on opposite sides. Let's get together sometime! And PS good call on the s'more food storage.