Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Weeks?

Sometimes when I read a friend's blog and it has a link to my blog on the sidebar with a little caption that says "three weeks" I am sure it is wrong and just hasn't refreshed itself to my most recent post.....but then without fail I check my own blog and alas, it's true. I promise I feel like I blog twice a week.

So, here's an update on the splits story. Yes, I am doing the show, and yes, I am loving 90% of it. It's my hobby, it makes me happy, and even Nate, who came to watch a little of rehearsal and do the baby swap, says I am totally in my element there. (He said this in the same breath as answering my question about how bored he looked by saying, "I just choose to have fun different ways". I guess learning 2 counts of 8 and then doing it over and over, and then from the beginning of the dance and then over again would be a little mundane for him. It's totally my idea of a good time, though, and I don't think he fully understands how I enjoy it, but he's supportive anyway). There is about four times as much dancing in this show than any of the other times I've done it, so my sad little post-pregnancy body is having to catch up quickly. To put it in the words of my friend Shelley, "I feel like the freaking Tin Man." 27 has never felt so old.

To add insult to injury, the director noticed recently that with the insane amounts of dancing in this show (including clogging and ballet......right) it just may not be ready by opening night. The solution? Starting rehearsal an hour earlier every day. Yes, that's 6pm to 10pm. With an hour drive to get there and an hour to get home, that is six hours a day I'm dedicating to this performance. GO AHEAD, call me crazy. I completely agree with you. What kind of person spends 30 hours a week killing themselves without getting paid? It's insane I tell you! Why does it have to be so fun???

To answer your question before you ask, I have not been able to do the splits since that fateful audition. I'm hoping in the next three weeks I can master it, but if not, who cares! We're wearing long skirts the whole time, none of you will be able to see my legs! HA!

Did I mention Nate and I are moving next week? It's only two miles east, but that doesn't change the fact that we have to box up all our stuff and get a truck and haul everything those two miles and then unpack, all while I am gone all night and Nate is gone all day. Perhaps we should loan our five-month-old out to someone, we would get so much more done!

Speaking of.....

He's hilarious.

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Shelley Nicole said...

Okay, he is the cutest thing ever...really. I want to be the one you loan him to...really bad. xoxo