Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We're packing.

We've been packing slowly for a couple weeks. I strongly dislike moving. Mostly because of all the packing. We're getting down to the wire, though, but there are still random things all over the house that I'm avoiding. I walk past it, consider it for a second, and then move on and plan on dealing with that one thing later.

You know that scene on PeeWee's Big Adventure? Or is it only my family that quotes that movie incessantly? When the pet store is on fire and he's getting all the animals out, but he keeps passing by the snakes and then moving on to another animal, postponing the inevitable. That's me. Something is too breakable, or too heavy, or too oddly shaped to fit in a box, etc. So, I glance at something and then quickly look away, like if I can't see it, it can't see me.

The trouble is, sooner or later, I'm going to have to move those dumb things. And I keep having to really brainstorm to find other things to do instead of pack the random items. I'm running out of ways to procrastinate.

Hence, the random post. But now it's over. Now what am I gonna do?


Mary said...

Good luck with the procrastinating and the move!

talonius said...

Love the PeeWee reference.

Amy said...

I didn't know you were moving. Where are you guys moving to?

Palmer Family said...

When's the actual move date? And as for Pee Wee, the best part of that scene is when he actually saves the snakes and comes out of the store screaming while holding them and then just passes out from sheer terror. Did that happen to you to?