Thursday, November 5, 2009

Belated Halloween

I realize that according to the radio, Target, and the mall, it's Christmastime in the city. If your tree is up already, I'm sorry to remind you of that distantly past holiday we call Halloween. However, I just got these pictures off of Nate's camera, and as most first-time mothers often do, I feel I must catalog the events of "baby's first Halloween". Here's what we did that week:

Grayden and I went to California with Nate for a few days, he's been traveling a lot for work. Since we had to be home in three days, there was a lot to do. First, we carved a pumpkin for Family Home Evening. (We were neither home, nor was it evening, but we're a family so it counts). Grayden's job was to help scoop out the seeds:

Hold the top for Dad while he carved for 60 seconds:

And then to pose with the finished product:

Then, do we ever go to California without dropping by D-land? (answer: no, we do not)
First, we put on the Mickey Crocs. Thanks Jame!

Then we attempted to warm up a very cold baby. Phoenix has spoiled this child.

At dinnertime, with what was Grayden so fascinated?

The ducks. He could not tear his eyes away from them.

And finally, we went on the ferris wheel. I always forget I'm afraid of ferris wheels until I get on one. I'll take the highest, fastest roller coaster in the world over the ferris wheel.

For Halloween, Gray wore the costume Aunt Melissa gave him last year before he was born. I've been surprised at the number of people that can't tell what he is. Seriously? He's a brown leather oval with white stripes around each end and white stitching up the middle. I can't think of anything else that falls under that description.

He's a football, people, a FOOTBALL! Sheesh.

Ok, now you can turn the radio back on and rock around the Christmas tree all you want.


Shelley Nicole said...

1. That kid is the cutest thing ever
2. Had I seen that last photo with the laces of the football nicely stretched out and looking straight, I would have had a better shot at figuring it out quicker ;-)
3. Halloween is barely over- your post is not late. I am NOT listening to Christmas music.

bethany said...

Very cute! He's unmistakably a football. Not sure how anyone could get that wrong.

Maybe I should get around to posting pictures of my kids on Halloween. Before it really is Christmas!

Loretta said...

I love Halloween, now that I don't have any children at home. I started shaking in August and didn't quite until Nov. 1. Try having nine kids who go to school, church, neighbors, and THEN trick or treating and in the interim changed their minds about what they wanted to be. That's 27 costumes per mother per year. I hated it. And I still have mother-guilt over the year Talon sat on the stairs and wailed that he didn't want to be the Incredible Hulk and since he was already entirely green he was out of luck.

eternity4us said...

Gosh we miss you guys and that sweet son. I love to read your blog and keep up on what two special people are doing each day. Please know you are missed. what bright spirits you have. Love, Garry and Kay

Jamie said...

While I agree that it is awfully hard to not recognize little Grays costume... it is much more affective when he is in the arms of his football playing dad! Go Cougars!