Thursday, February 25, 2010

Still in Utah

And we're having a great time. Seeing lots of friends and family, eating far too much, and going to sporting events such as last night's BYU basketball game.

It was like Grayden had died and gone to heaven.

I've since decided that the short attention span we all think babies have is a crock. My nine-month-old sat for over half an hour barely moving, watching the players warm up and the cheerleaders cheer and the loudspeaker boom and the crowd yell. He barely blinked. The only time he looked away was to hold his hand out for some popcorn, and as soon as a small piece was safely in his hand his eyes went straight back to the court before it even got to his mouth. I wish I had a video, it was laugh-out-loud funny.

Once the first half hour was over, he spent the next 2.5 hours in total bliss, looking around, clapping his hands, stomping his feet, watching the game, flirting with the people behind us, and mooching every last bit of food he could get his hands on. Popcorn, pizza, red vines, snow cones. He really had the time of his life. You never would have guessed it was two hours after his bedtime when we finally left the game, he was still in such high spirits. Possibly a sugar high, but still.

And we also won. So it was a good night all around.

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Shelley Nicole said...

Soooo, excited to see him tomorrow!