Monday, November 26, 2007

The Move

Perhaps because we have moved to a different state, we think it's time to catch up on our blog. Life has thrown us a little curve. Nate was laid off by Toll Brothers and found a new job in California. The company that he works for, RQ Construction, builds mostly for the military. Nate never thought he would go into commercial construction, but like our life those thoughts have changed. He is enjoying the company and is learning the very different side of commercial construction. We will end up in Carlsbad, where the company is based out of, but we are going to be living in Barstow for the first 16 months because the project Nate is heading up is on Fort Irwin. Yes, we are going to live in Barstow, the "crossroads" of California. It is going to be an adventure for the next 16 months. Here are a couple of pictures of the home that we are renting while we're there. (Believe it or not, this is one of the nicer homes in Barstow).


Amy said...

YEAH! You have finally updated your blog. Mandy, you just got to get over the fact that you are going to live in Barstow. I am betting you will like it, and it will grow on you. If not, it is only a year, right? Are you guys going to be in Utah for Christmas? What are your plans again? John and I are going to be there the 24th to the 4th. The Crocketts are coming too.

Steph said...

dane - this is your friend from accounting.....stephanie -- sorry to disappoint you that it isn't your girlfriend (breann) but was hoping to catch up with you and see how you are doing...we are living in NC now and loving it, but are coming home to AZ for christmas...check out our blog at ---- and or shoot me an email or something at hopefully we can talk soon

Bethany Kartchner said...

The house looks great! Glad to see it!