Friday, June 20, 2008

Lovin' Those Locks

I have never been the kind of person who freaks out at every haircut. My hair is not my security blanket like it is for some people. It grows back. Always. It's one of those few things you can actually count on.

So, the first time I heard about Locks of Love while I was in high school, I made a goal to one day donate my hair. Heck, little kids who are losing their hair to cancer need my hair more than I do, right? Well, I have been thinking a lot about that goal lately for two reasons. One, there is a lovely woman in my ward who is battling cancer, and two, it seemed like the perfect time because my hair was probably the longest it had ever been. So.........I did it. Over twelve inches, gone in five seconds.

It is wonderful.

Top ten reasons I love my short hair:

1. I don't recognize myself in the mirror. Not in a bad way, in a I-have-to-glance-back-in-abrupt-confusion-to-make-sure-it's-really-me way.

2. I am forced to get over my neck insecurities. Whenever I wore my hair up I always worried people were staring at my neck.......odd, I realize that. I no longer have my hair to cover my neck, ears, sides of my face, forehead, you get the idea. I will learn to be comfortable with my own neck!

3. When I brush my teeth, my hair doesn't fall from behind my shoulders into the sink, indubitably at the exact same time I spit, ending up in wet, toothpaste-foamy hair. No more!

4. Five words. One Hundred And Twenty Degrees. This is Phoenix, people.

5. It still goes behind my ears, and in two little pig tails, barely. SO easy to deal with. I never realized what a burden my hair was becoming.

6. Our year's supply of shampoo and conditioner is now a three year's supply of shampoo and conditioner. Sweet.

7. It is so light and airy, I feel like I'll never get a headache again. (This, unfortunately, has already been proved false, but it still FEELS like I won't).

8. I feel liberated. When she cut that 12 inch ponytail off, she may as well have been removing a backpack full of rocks from off my shoulders and paying all my bills while letting me take a four hour nap. It was so exciting.

9. Nate loves it. And honestly, his opinion matters most.

10. When I do feel a twinge of regret, and I'll admit, I've had one or two, it's been a great experience to think about my hair being a blessing to a child. In the end, my "sacrifice" really wasn't one at all. I feel a little silly that I ever thought of it that way.

To those of you considering losing the tresses, I say go for it.


bethany said... looks HOT!

Troy & Katie Riley said...

You need to post a picture of yourself with short hair! In all my life, which is almost as long as I have known you --never have I seen you with short hair. This is madness! I bet you look gorgeous!

Cheryl said...

I think your hair looks great on you! I see those children every day when I go for radiation. It is totally worth it.

LisaLou said...

yes yes, AZ is quite a bit warmer than Utah. Maybe I will have to come remember how hot it ISN'T here.