Friday, October 10, 2008

Santa Fe! Are you there?

(A song from the movie "Newsies"). Before Christian donned the black mask.

ANYWAY..........I find it ironic that when my life is the busiest, I have the least amount of time to blog, and then when I do actually blog I feel like it's boring because the reason why I am blogging is that life has slowed down and I have nothing to share. Hence, the following post:

I have a couple more pictures of Santa Fe. You really wouldn't guess that we were only there for one day. And please, to my fans who commented on my apparel in the "hiking" pictures, re-read the story about how we were just supposed to take the tram that day but because of bad weather they shut it down and so we took a spontaneous hike in the rain. I obviously would have dressed differently if the initial plan had been a hike.......duh. Also the reason why Jessica was wearing heels, as pictured.

VERY VERY WET. Nate's jeans are not really that dark and my jacket is not two-toned.
Even with all my apathy towards animals, (and that doesn't make me a bad person) I truly love riding horses. I got to ride all the time while I lived in Jackson Hole, I miss that.

Not sure why Nate's picture looks smaller than the rest, but isn't he adorable?

So that's the end of that trip. Maybe in a month or two I'll post about D-land, the Grand Canyon, or other good times we've had recently. But mostly I stay busy with the Young Women, (including a sleepover/sewing party this evening), and work, and spending time with Nate. Today I will try and get around to decorating for Halloween. It's one of the two holidays I decorate for and I haven't started. Soooo behind. This weekend my parents are coming to town and my nephew is getting ordained and Nate's work is having a "cocktail party". And that is an entirely different story.

PS. Wasn't General Conference fabulous?


bethany said...

You are having a sewing party?!? Are you gonna sew anything? More details please!

FamilyKolbaba said...

You are too cute, Beth.

Amy said...

So Mandy--
John tried calling Nate to let you guys know that he will be in Phoenix for work, but Nate hasn't called him back yet. So John is not sure if you guys know he is coming or not. Anyway John wants to get together with you guys while he is there on Tuesday (the 21st). You should call him or tell Nate to call him. Miss you guys!

Racquel said...

Oh Newsies... I like that movie a little too much. Actually, that's when my Christian Bale crush started. :)

Looks like a fun trip. I've only been horse-back riding once and I've wanted to do it again ever since. Maybe someday...

p.s. I'm glad you cleared up the whole hiking outfit thing. I was worried. LOL

Shelley Nicole said...

You bet apathy towards animals doesn't make you a bad person...blech I'm deathly allergic to horses, however I also enjoy riding them. Good times...And...yes, Nate is adorable and YOU are adorable and I love you. Bye.

The Kemps said...

Mandy, Mandy, Mandy!!! How are you? You look so beautiful and happy. I found your blog (hope that's ok?!) I'm going to add you to my list and check back often! I'd love to keep in touch, let me know if you're ever back in Utah! Love you!