Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Cape!

Hooray for summer vacations. Cape Cod was a fabulous break from the everyday. We beached, sunned, and ate lots of fried seafood. Three cheers for Arnold's lobster shack. The following is about a million pictures of the events that transpired while in Massachusetts, basically in three categories. Beaching, kiting, eating.

This is the inside of the cape, and in the morning the tide is WAY out and you can walk forever picking up shells and squishing your toes in sand.

When Grayden spits up, which is about 87 times a day, sometimes he smears it on his face before I can get to it. Or, he sneezes and it gets everywhere.

This was the first time we put his toes in the sand. He enjoyed it, so we got nice and messy.

He liked his sunglasses because he didn't have to squint when he wore them, but they were too big so the strap had to go around his hat......kinda looks like a pilot.

One of many amazing sunsets:

Okay, Nate's dad Scott has a slight kite obsession. Here we are flying a 16 meter kiteboarding kite that has a ONE THOUSAND pound lift......so we tied it to an anchor.

Nate flying the kite:

Nate (and Ian) helping Mandy fly the kite so I didn't take off:

This was how my first attempt ended....this kite was SO strong.

This is my second attempt....you see how my husband who was supposed to be helping me is cowering in fear. Once that kite starts whipping around out of control it could take your head off, so it's best he was on the ground....I, on the other hand, now know what it's like to do a belly flop on sand. Yipee!

Nate and Grayden's footprints. We were waxing artistic :)

Famous Arnold's! Gray's overalls had a lobster on the front, but you can't see it in the picture.

One restaurant gave out tattoos for the kids......and yes, we did it. (And for my family, isn't that a classic "where's the salad bar" look?)

There is not enough room on the internet to describe the Kolbaba family's love of ice cream....suffice it to say we ate it a few times a day in Cape Cod, and this turned out to be one of our favorite places:

Mandy herself gave me a balloon because we share the same name :) And LOOK! This must be where McDonald's got the idea.......I wonder if I could collect royalties on that?*

*Joke. I'm not that dumb.

And the rest of these pictures are just cute pictures of Gray for his grandparents. In this first one we were trying to get a pouty look. Success!


Loretta said...

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday dear Mandy,
Happy Birthday to you!
What a darling baby you have! I do believe his eyes look blue in these pictures! What do they look like in real life? I'm glad a lobster didn't eat him. That picture with the glasses over the hat is a treasure. I would love a copy!

Lisa Lou said...

Your little guy is such a cutie! You all look so great.
Miss you and happy birthday yesterday!

Brian and Cathy Phillips said...

Ice cream multiple times a day?! I'm thinking I need to tag along with you on your fun vacations. All the pictures were great, but I do believe I love the ones that show that your little boy has inherited his mom's lips.

joan said...

Great vacation pictures - who took the series of Mandy flying the ig kite? Nice.....love you muchly - Joan/Mom

Palmer Family said...

Grayden is adorable!!! I hate it when I have to admit someone else's kids are cuter than mine! I love the "pilot" shot with the bumbo as his aircraft. He's a supermodel so soon! It looks like you had fun! Come to Florida for Thanksgiving...