Thursday, January 28, 2010

I promise I'm trying to average more than one post per month. Yesterday, I made a chocolate cake from scratch. In a CROCK POT. Has anyone tried this? It's a little piece of decadence. It's similar to those lava cakes, only you don't have to make them separately. I found the recipe online and mine turned out to be pretty close to the picture they showed, so I was proud. Keeping in mind I just have a crappy little camera and I'm not a professional photographer, compare the following:

Chocolate Mud Cake

Not bad, right? Well, it was yummy and only took about 1.5-2 hours to cook. The prep time was simple as well. I usually hate chocolate desserts from scratch because to me they taste like cocoa and aren't sweet enough. But, this one I'm adding to my collection.


bethany said...

So are you going to share the recipe with the rest of us or just keep it a secret? :)
I tried this once, but it burned around the edges and was yucky-I need to try a better recipe apparently!

Jared and Marcie Austin said...

Ok this looks amazing! I had better try this one out for sure. I LOVE chocolate desserts. And yes, yours looks just like the picture! I can tell you right now my attempt will not look like the picture :).

Shelley Nicole said...

That looks delicious!!!!! Next time I'm in AZ, we make cilantro soup and THAT cake!