Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Twenty Ten

I seriously can't wait to see what this year has in store for us. We haven't had a dull year yet, why should our fifth year together be any different? Bring it on, I say.

December was so full of fun times, and it was also a very big month for Grayden. New teeth, waving hi, scooting and crawling, learning new sign language and consonant sounds, (a favorite trick of his was to make the "f" sound every time we showed him the fish tank. He got great reactions for that one), pulling himself up and walking along furniture, and enjoying his first sledding experience. I have so many pictures from that month it deserves about five different posts. But, as my blogging history suggests, that's not my style. I would much rather post one giant conglomeration of pics with as few words as possible. You know you only want to see pictures anyway.

First thing in December, we decorated the tree. Grayden helped a little, but mostly wondered why I kept taking pictures and stared at the Christmas lights. This first picture is my favorite, I think he looks like he belongs in Who-ville.

This picture is Nate's favorite because he says Grayden's square jaw makes him look like one of those Lego action figures.

He loved playing tug of war with Daddy and the lights. Daddy won.

Next on the agenda was Disneyland. I was finally able to go with Nate to Carlsbad for the week and we stopped by D-land for the evening.


On Dumbo he went right for the controls. It was a bumpy ride.

Loved the Carousel. I think he looks a lot like his cousin Trent in this picture.

We loved the Carousel so much we petted the horses for a little bit.

Ok, here goes. Please don't report me to Child Protective Services, okay? I realized the error of my ways after it was too late. We thought this would be such a cute picture. Little King Grayden pulling on Arthur's sword, probably the most well-known photo op in Disneyland. One of us hid behind him to hold him up there safely and the other took the picture:

Cute, right? Well, what we didn't consider was the fact that babies of this age always seem to do the same thing with stuff put into their hands.......oh yes, make no mistake. The following is my son's mouth on the dirtiest, most touched surface in the state, probably in the country. I shudder.

The people who were watching thought it was a riot, I think I saw a couple get out their own cameras. Anyway, that was Disneyland. Gray hasn't come down with any rare and horrible disease yet. We'll keep you posted.

Finally, we spent Christmas in Chicago with Nate's family. Other than the sleepless nights of teething babies, we all had a great time.

The Boys.

The Girls. (Yep, that was the best pic we got.)

My boys. Grayden sported that funky smile all night, I think he could sense the excitement.

Grayden learned he could stand up with his back propped up against the couch and not hold on. He was so thrilled he stayed like that for a long time. I took about 30 pictures. I won't bore you with all of them. Here he's waving hi.
Looking around.

Wondering why he's getting such a big reaction from the room.

Our little Phoenix boy getting ready for the snow. At first he was okay...

Then he wasn't okay.

As soon as we got outside, however, he recovered immediately and loved every minute of it. Can you tell we tied off the feet of his snowsuit with rubber bands? He looks like an amputee.

We didn't send him sledding by himself, this was just for the pictures.

This was after Nate took him down the "hill", which is the two flights of stairs leading down from the deck to the backyard that the boys tried to pack with snow.

They are so handsome! That picture is my favorite, I think it belongs on a magazine cover.

Happy New Year to everyone :)


Shelley Nicole said...

I feel like I have so many things to say! Clearly I should just call you soon! But, I have a couple more weeks of insanity and then I will! Anyway, Gray is officially the CUTEST kid ever! I mean, I knew you two would make awesome looking babies, but outdid yourselves. I want to see him again so bad! Looks like D-land was fun, as always. And you're rivaling the kid in "Christmas Story" with that snowsuit you put on the poor Gray! ha ha! Love you

eternity4us said...

What a handsome boy you have. Darling pictures and my favorite also is the one with his Dad on the We are wondering if Nathan found a job yet? Kay Remington