Monday, June 14, 2010


If you haven't ever played Mall Madness, you are seriously missing out. Nate and I played that game together last night. Three times in a row. We thoroughly enjoyed it!

It was kind of a random Sunday. In addition to playing Mall Madness for the first time, we also made coconut milk together. We got two coconuts in our bountiful basket and turned them into yummy coconut milk for some future Thai recipes. So excited!

I took Grayden to the church meeting formerly known as a farewell for the guy who was my "husband" in the last show I was in. I realized how spoiled I am always having Nate next to me in church to help with Gray. Without him there, I was sweating when the meeting was over. On my mission there was a mother of four kids under the age of 6 whose husband was the bishop, and she had to deal with all of them by herself. I have a new respect for her.

Blogging may take a back seat for a bit. In the next 5 weeks we've got Father's Day, a cousin's wedding reception in Vegas, Nate's birthday, the Fourth, our fifth anniversary, and my birthday. Gotta love July. If I'm really on top of things, I'll blog about all of these events as they happen with excellent pictures to could happen.

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Loretta said...

You may need a new type of deodorant in Phoenix/Las Vegas if you have to deal with a one year old by yourself.
Jim was a police officer/elder's quorom president in 1975. That's the story about how people thought I was a single mother and Jim was EQ Pres. He was rarely there except to conduct. Chandra was 5, Todd was 4, Ryan was 3, Melissa was 2 and Wendy was either on the way or newborn. I don't even remember it being a big deal. Time heals all wounds.