Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Party Heartily

I never posted Grayden's birthday party pictures. I made two round cakes, one for the adults and one for the birthday boy. He also got Ramen for dinner, his favorite food. Those things plus a balloon and the (Anderson) traditional Happy Birthday sign and box of cereal concluded the festivities.

Most of the pictures show him with one or both hands in the air, because Nate kept trying to teach him to put up one finger when asked how old he is. Also, you can mock me about the number of pictures, but I didn't take them. My sister and her husband were visiting from China and they took them. I may or may not have threatened them with their lives to get a good one, but you can't prove that.

I think it'll be a good year for him.


Jared and Marcie Austin said...

Grayden is so cute! I LOVE the cake pictures. So cute! What a sweet little guy.

joan said...

I'd say that the photographers caught the most important parts of the day! Happy Birthday, Gray. Grammy