Friday, February 22, 2008

What it means when you're asked, "Have you seen the sights?" in Barstow, CA

Last weekend we made it to the biggest event in town! A Civil War reenactment at the Calico ghost town. (It was apparent, after the show, that Barstow sided with the Confederates. We knew there was something else wrong here). Keeping in mind we forgot our camera, and that these pics were taken with our phones, please enjoy the following visual agenda:

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Lots of cannon bombs and smoke, but the only soldiers falling down were Union soldiers.......

Notice Nate is showing off his "sheriff's belt buckle" which he wore specifically for this event.

When we first saw Lincoln, who, in real life looked quite realistic, he was buying some bbq corn on the cob......Nate said, "Look, there's Lincoln, buying some corn with a five dollar bill that has his face on it."

Civil War

February 16th, 17th & 18th 2008 (Presidents Day Weekend)

Imagine yourself under martial law in a town occupied by the Confederate army. Suddenly a cannon blasts, smoke fills the air, and a hundred Union soldiers come rushing in. Before you can turn to run, a battle is raging before your very eyes.

Authentic Encampments
See what life was like for soldiers on both sides. Open pit cooking, canvas tents, no frills here!

Weekend Activities to include
Drills, Troop inspections, Cannon Demonstrations, Period Fashion Shows, Battles Morning & Afternoon, Gettysburg Address.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

See, now you can move on happily and never worry that you didn't see everything you needed to when you lived there! No regrets baby!!

bethany said...

Leave it to Nate to dress up for the occasion. I'm surprised you didn't gank one of the dresses from "Seven Brides" and sport it to this momentous event!