Tuesday, May 27, 2008

#1 Husband

This post, initially, was going to focus solely on the progress of our little squarefoot garden in the backyard. Nate took some pictures, emailed them to me, and I told him I would post them. However, as I went through my usual getting ready rituals this morning, I kept noticing things, things that are not out of the ordinary at my house, things that I often look over in a rush, things that make me wonder in awe about my husband.

First, I went into the bathroom and saw written on the mirror "Toothpaste Date" with a dry-erase marker. A day or two ago, in passing, I mentioned that I would like to keep track of how long it takes us to go through a tube of toothpaste, so we know how many tubes we need for our home storage. Nate, knowing I would forget, as I always do, wrote a sweet little reminder note. This was not the first time he's done this.

Then, as I'm brushing my teeth, I notice how nice and clean my sink and faucets are. Why are they so sparkling? Because Saturday morning we were in the bathroom and I said with quiet laugh, "Geez, our sinks get dusty so quickly." Later that day I left for a baby shower. When I got back, my husband had cleaned the bathroom, including windexing the mirrors.

When I'm clean and ready, I make my way downstairs, like I do every morning, and get my lunch out of the fridge. My lunch that Nate (who wakes up at 4:30 am every day) has lovingly prepared for me, sandwich, applesauce, string cheese, granola bars, and he throws in pop tarts that I can take to work and make for breakfast, if I don't have time at home (which I usually don't). He does this for me every single day.

As I turn to leave the kitchen, I glance out the sliding glass door into the backyard, where I see that our garden, his garden I should say, has been freshly watered that morning, like every other morning. The garden is flourishing, Nate has cared for it well, and yesterday we picked and ate a very delicious zucchini.

The first few sprouts, almost two months ago....

Nate picked his first zucchini! That giant bushy/shrubbery type picture frame is our garden.

So, there you go. I posted about the garden. But mostly, I just think my husband is wonderful Sometimes I wonder why he puts up with me. He is the most observant, thoughtful, unselfish man I have ever met. Kindness is just his habit, and I think he deserves a round of applause.


Maylene said...

Mandy! I love your blog. You guys obviously have lots of fun adventures. I'm glad you decided to move back to Phoenix. I bet you guys are super fun to hang out with. So your garden is pretty amazing. I think growing things, that you can actually eat is a bit tricky here! I'm hoping to start in the fall maybe.

Jamie said...

Oh my word. There aren't words... I just absolutely adore you two and I love Nater for loving my best friend so well! Goodness... this made me SO happy! Love you guys!

Jamie said...

And... Nater you look great... AND the garden is amazing.

Cheryl said...

How sweet! Husbands can be great when they want too. I think that is totally awesome you are going to donate your hair. When I go to radiation every morning I see children brought over from Phoenix Children's hospital for their radiation treatments. It is so sad to see little kids going through this.