Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cruise Pics Part II

More pictures of us!

Formal Night! There were two. If you look back in older blog posts, you'll notice I'm wearing the same formal.....thanks to Beth V. for lending me her prom dress for the second formal night :)

OK THIS WAS PRETTY COOL. If you look below, you'll see many photos, mostly small and black and white. These are the pictures they took of us as we got on the ship the first day, every person who got on the cruise. There were hundreds! See? In the very center of the picture? It's me and Nate, superstars!! They made the picture of the two of us in color, and HUGE. It was probably 11 by 15 inches.
Melissa was breaking the rules taking pictures of the pictures, so she had to do it quick, (we didn't want to pay the $40 to buy it, but we had to document the stardom!!). Anyway, this guy thought she was taking pictures of him. This picture is classic!
Nate and Brad, very serious about giant chess.

Yes, I am the same size as my mother who had nine children and my 6-month pregnant sister. Sigh.
They had an American Idol type event that lasted for three nights, and Mel won the whole stinking thing. Hooray!


Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

Wow, Mandy, you look incredible!

FamilyKolbaba said...

Wow, thanks. That is very sweet of you to say!

Shelley Nicole said...

Okay...dude, the whole being the same size is garbage...uhm, first of all the only thing that matters with size on those shirts is the chest area...and they look like they'd stretch to fit Dolly Parton anyway and probably shrink to fit my small chest

Jamie said...

Ditto what Jessie said to you and to Nater! AND... when are you coming on a Disney cruise with ME!!!

FamilyKolbaba said...

Whenever you say the word, babe!

FamilyKolbaba said...

Next week?