Sunday, May 18, 2008

One Hour Photo

Nate and I were going through some unpacked boxes. Yes, there are still boxes to unpack, don't judge me, we only moved two months ago. I don't remember what we were looking for, but what we FOUND was way better. Three rolls of film! Old school, ghetto, kodak film. So.....we went and got them developed because neither of us could remember where they came from. Are you on the edge of your seats? It was our honeymoon camera! What is ever funnier than that is that fact that there are about 5 pictures of our honeymoon and the rest of that film had pictures from our first Christmas. Obviously, we weren't big into photography our first year of marriage. So, three years later, we share our honeymoon pics with you.

Our own memories and these pictures are all we have to document that week. I find that pretty funny.


Jamie said...

My goodness I love you two! I LOVE the bottom picture and may want a copy to keep forever.

Cheryl said...

How fun to find those pictures after such a long time! I love the bottom picture too. You two make a great couple!