Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's not too late....

You are allowed to post about Halloween until Thanksgiving. Unwritten rule.

And honestly, did you want to miss out on this??

Poor Nate. For a big, buff guy, it's so difficult for him to look tough. :) But honestly, he was a legend at the Halloween party we attended. Young and old gawked and stared and commented nonstop. It was great. Grayden and I followed his theme and we made a great team.

And now, more pictures of Nate, because honestly I can't get over how funny he was.

Dig the hair. And then here are some of little comic wolverine (and his cousins):

Fun, fun times. Much candy eaten by all.

1 comment:

Ryan and Melissa said...

Awesome costumes! You guys are cute... I mean reeeeally intimidating... Nice work with the coupons. I've been using them more often lately, still trying to get a good system going.