Monday, November 8, 2010

Blag Time

Nate and I are so excited we feel like we're on drugs. We went grocery shopping today and got this:

I won't even go through the list of items we got, it's just a lot.

Total? $16.67!!

Savings: $388.50.

I look at that pile and even I don't know how it happened. I keep checking my receipt for mistakes. That's just ridiculous. I was a little embarrassed when the manager had to come out and approve my transaction, but it was also a great feeling. Yippee :)


Julie said...

That's great! What's blag?

FamilyKolbaba said...

To brag via blog.

bethany said...

Nice job!! You must get more than one newspaper :)

Loretta said...

Okay, I'm guessing the Grayden was asleep when you took this picture or he would have thought you bought him a new playground. That he could eat!!!

Lisa Lou said...

WOW!!! Just so you know I am super super impressed and jealous!! Did you use coupons? Did you watch for sales? You are a super star. Seriously.

Crockett Family said...

Wow! Way to go lady! Tell me your secrets! Seriously. I am so impressed. Spill it.