Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good Choices

You've got to love it when you're innocently checking Fox news online and the front page breaking news has a picture of the very high chair you have in your kitchen, with a headline RECALL.

I hardly ever go to, so I thought this was a lucky coincidence. Fortunately, I guess my model was made after the current recalled models, because mine doesn't have the "dangerous pegs" that kids can fall on and need stitches. Then again, can't kids fall on almost anything and get stitches? Are they going come round out the edges of my counters and kitchen tables?

On an unrelated note, I am on the computer and randomly blogging because it's 8:30am and Grayden is still asleep. Love that. I can get so much done! Like couponing. Nate and Ihave used coupons on and off during our marriage, but this time I've gone all out. I've recently become so obsessed with it I can't fall asleep because I'm thinking about it and then I dream about it and then I get up early to do it, like this morning. Seriously, I've got issues. I scoff at so-called SALE prices and Nate just laughs at me. I've been spoiled, ruined, and I can't pay full price for the rest of my life.

I got a ten dollar check for my nine hours of jury summons nightmare time. You are all so jealous.

Nate and I watched the movie Wait Until Dark the other day. Shockingly good for having a cast of about 6 people and practically all done on one tiny set.

It's October now. That always means the year is over. I'll never understand how that happens so quickly.

Next month we go to Vegas to find a place to live. We still don't have it narrowed down to an area at all, how do you choose a place to live in an area you're not familiar with?

8:45. Still asleep. I'm going to go read. A book called The Other Queen, which I find pretty boring, but I have an illness that requires me to finish books and movies to the end, even if I hate them.


Melissa said...

I lived in Vegas for 20 years... I can give you some ideas of good areas and areas to avoid!

Lisa Lou said...

I want to love coupon-ing. I want to be so amazing at it that I can calculate in my head 15% off anything and know how to combine different coupons to get lots of free things!

Jessica said...

You are so funny! :)

The Riley's said...

I didn't know you were moving and you are talking to the coupon queen. I refuse to pay full price for anything. I love it!!! Is there anything more satisfying then getting an incredible deal? Well yes I guess there is but it is up there on the list.

Bethany Kartchner said...

This was an awesome read. Totally laughed out loud at your jury payment.