Friday, September 17, 2010

Genetic Wonders

Notice the child in the picture above? He's mine. And Nate's. I sent some pictures of Grayden to my Mom and she just couldn't get over how blue his eyes are. That reminded me of a blog post I made while I was pregnant, entitled I's. I was gawking at my niece Madi's eyes, and stated it was almost impossible for my unborn child to have blue eyes like that. Behold.

The only thing you can say about our eyes other than brown is maybe calling them hazel, on a good day. The genes coming from my dad and Nate's mom must be super mutant genes, that's all I'm saying. And I'll never hear the end of it from my sister Chandra, who told me from the moment he was born that his eyes would stay blue and I denied it for almost a year. I don't anymore.

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Jared and Marcie Austin said...

I LOVE the picture of Grayden. He is so cute!!! And his eyes are so beautiful. He is going to be a heart breaker for sure.