Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jury Summons Equals BORING

When I first arrived at the courthouse, I saw this:

Hundreds of people crowding the doors, but nobody was allowed in. I was supposed to arrive at 8:30 and it was 8:25, so I thought maybe something was up. Most people either had a cup of coffee or a cigarette. I finally got so sick of the smell I turned around to leave, and I saw this:

Four sheriff cars. I didn't think it was all that odd, it being a courthouse and all, but then these guys came out.....

Right, so something was definitely going on. We had all been waiting outside for about 30 minutes, and I was hopeful we would be excused from jury selection. No such luck. But this guy showed up:

I don't think he got any interesting footage. I guess the dogs didn't find anything, but I heard later it was the second bomb threat this month. That's nice. Especially nice, when after three dogs spent a total of 10 minutes in a 12-story building they considered it completely safe and drove us all into the building like cattle.

EIGHT HOURS LATER....... I left the courthouse as one of the rejected ones. Praise the day.

Now, what to do with the 44 cents per mile that they're going to pay me for the day...?

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Loretta said...

I just looked at your blog, apparently after a very long time since you had so much to say!!!
But what threw me was that when it first came up there was this most handsome child I had ever seen. It was like I was seeing him for the first time! Where do those dashing looks come from? Oh, yeah, good genes!