Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Words

Journaling. Deal with it. Some people scrapbook, I blog.

This week Grayden has been saying multiple new words every day.
He tried to say his own name, "Dayda"
He randomly switched yesterday from calling me Mama to calling me Mimi. We'll see how long that sticks.
HE said rainbow "aybo"
He said ice, a new favorite of his. But he can't/won't say eyes. Go figure.
"Ow" is also still a favorite, but he had never said it before the dreaded doctors appt.
He says cheese now, but it sounds a lot like Jesus which he's been saying for weeks. Whatev.
Peach is "sheesh". So cute.
He's started saying "bock bock" for every animal sound he doesn't know, like giraffe and zebra. But he's good on lion, fish, sheep, dog, horse, snake, monkey, duck, chicken (obviously), elephant, and cow. Cat and bird and frog he just signs instead.
He calls the book Hop on Pop "boppa bop". Close enough.
He stopped saying football. So sad since this would be the perfect week for that one. It was never very well pronounced anyway, but it was consistent. He just signs it now.
Corn dogs, his favorite food, he calls "kaka". Ironic.

Parenting is an enigma, in that it is a unique relationship where you can go from thinking no person ever loved their child as much as you, to being ready and willing to give that child to those other people who love their children. I'll never understand it.

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