Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bus

Nate and I were so excited to write all kinds of stories about our escapade on the Greyhound, but regretfully, the trip was quite uneventful. Other than a woman who, for the first hour of the trip, kept making pig snorting noises, we just sat on the bus and read or talked for eight hours. About the "pig woman", I feel the need to mention she was not asleep, she was talking on the phone for an hour and must have had a severe sinus problem, because every two or three minutes she would give a long snort, exactly like a pig. I hope she gets that looked at.

Our trip to Phoenix was nice, we got to see both friends and family, our cute house that we miss so much, and our old Ward that we loved. Life was good when we lived there, and who knows, we may decide to move back one day.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Snort. Hee.

bethany said...

Too bad we missed ya!! Any plans to come again!?