Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rejected by a Car Wash

Last night we fed the missionaries, three of them. Nate and I enjoyed talking about the work they were doing, and the miraculous things that happen on missions. It was so great to be reminded of the unbelievable experiences we had on our missions. It made me want to read my mission journal! They are good Elders, and they're having a lot of success in this area.

Today I tried to get my car detailed since we're trying to sell it. I drove up and down main street a couple times and saw five or six car washes, NOT OPEN. Of course, why would they be open at 2pm on a Wednesday afternoon? Oddly, I was down in Victorville last week to run errands and I tried to find a car wash then........also not open. Maybe they're all just there for looks? They've had bad experiences with Nissan's, so they closed when they saw me coming? Perhaps they only open by appointment? Or, maybe it's just that my car is destined to be dirty forever.

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Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Are you guys having a drought? I know when California is in a drought that my Grandma used to always do these weird things with water at her house... I'm guessing a car wash might seem like an excess based on the extremes my grandma used to go to (granted, she might have been going a little overboard). Although, looking at this map - my theory doesn't look like it's on target.
It might hold if you were in Alabama though!