Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Nightmare on Barstow Street

For those interested, here’s how last night went….

1:00 am, roughly---my insomnia finally succumbs and I fall asleep

4:00 am-------Nate wakes up to get ready for work….after “snoozing” since 3:30am

5:00 am-------Nate wakes me up to pray and then leaves for work.

5:30am--------I am still fighting the insomnia monster when I hear a soft ‘ding’

5:45am---------Another ding…..

6:00am--------Ding ding


6:25am----Ding…….By now I am coherent enough to realize the ding is the doorbell.

6:30am------Ding Ding Ding……By now I am coherent enough to get scared because the ding is the doorbell. I lay very still.

6:40am--------Ding…..what does one do in this situation?

6:51am------ding (thank my cell phone for the exact timing) I call Nate and tell him the doorbell has been ringing all morning. He suggests maybe it is the computer, so I turn down the volume and go to back to bed.

7:00am--------Ding ding buuuuzzzzzz. It’s not the computer. I call Nate again.

Me: I am going to check the front door but I wanted you to be on the phone in case I get murdered.

Nate: Maybe you should have 9-1-1 on the phone. (He is dead serious).

Me: Thanks, hon, that makes me feel better. (Sarcasm noted).

Nate: I don’t remember what he said, but it must’ve been better than his first comment, cause I proceeded to open the front door.

7:01 am-------Nobody is at the door. I ring the doorbell myself a couple times. The dinging is definitely the doorbell. Nate thinks it’s just jammed so I pull the button out as far as it will go.

7:02am---------As I am hanging up the phone with Nate, I hear ding ding buzzzzzz ding buzz ding ding ding buzzzzzz. I worry I will never sleep again. Now, maybe because it was early, but I really thought there was no solution to this problem. I just kept thinking about living here for the next year, considering how I could handle the constant ringing. I am the stereotype: useless girl, stumped by a doorbell.

7:03am-------I call Nate again. Please tell me how to make it stop so I can sleep. He walks me through finding the box on the wall and tells me to disconnect the wires

Me: What if I get shocked?

Nate: You won’t. Well, it’s low voltage, so it won’t hurt. If it hurts, I’m sorry.

Me: (Nervous laughter ) Thanks a lot. (Sarcasm again)

7:05------With the wires disconnected, I am thrilled to lay in bed.

7:10-----I hear beep beep beep beep beep…..coming from OUTSIDE.

This time, it was the neighborhood garbage truck.

It was at this point that I gave up on sleep entirely.


Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

So wait, I'm confused ... was it the doorbell or was it the garbage truck or both??

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

Now I understand... BEEEEP = garbage truck. Got it. I can fully appreciate Mandy in the helpless, groggy, "I'm going to be hearing dinging forever" state. I might have paid good money to be there to witness that one.

Jamie said...

Did you perhaps look for a magazine somewhere in the midst of this? I just might LOVE this story.