Thursday, January 24, 2008

Noblesse Oblige

I was running errands and starving the other day, so I pulled into the first drive thru I saw......a Wienerschnitzel. (This is cheating, since we're kind of on South Beach, but sauerkraut is a vegetable, right?) I get in line behind a big Animal Control truck, complete with the enclosed cab on the back with a door on it for the animals to hitch a ride. I was in line a VERY long time, and he was the only person in front of me! I had no idea what could be taking so long, but the mystery was solved when I got up to the paying window and the cute little teenage boy refused to take my five dollar bill, because, as he told me, "the guy before you paid for yours." I thought he was joking, then he thought I was joking because he said he was sure I knew the animal control man. I assured him I didn't. Anyway, all the cute little teenage boys in Wienerschnitzel had by this time come over to see what the fuss was about, and they all giggled hysterically. So then the boy at the window said that the animal control man left me a note, and indeed, on the back of a very official-looking "Notice of Violation" pink slip, the mystery man had written "God bless you, and have a great day." It was all very sweet, and I'm considering paying for some stranger's hot dog someday.


Amy said...

That's funny. How did he know what you were going to order? Did you get to keep his change? That would be a double bonus!
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am that you have posted a blog three days in a row! What a record! It's fun to hear how you two are doing. And you thought your life was boring.

Kolbaba said...

My dearest Amy,

It is because my life is boring that I have so much time to "blog". I'm sorry if that disappoints you. :)