Friday, July 23, 2010


Yesterday was my 28th birthday. It's a big one, I know :) That was my favorite joke of the day, any time someone asked me how old I was or if I felt different I would say, 28, that's the most important birthday of your life! It's a joke, obviously, because what a pointless age! Is there anything interesting about 28 years of age? Hm. Nope. I say this in a happy, light-hearted manner, but I look forward to be 29. At least that is one year away from being 30, and that's exciting.

Wait, I take most of that back. There is one thing about this age that is interesting. This is the year of my 10 year high school reunion. And that realization had the opposite effect on me than I thought it would......I feel so young when I think that I only graduated from high school ten years ago. I'm such a baby! High school is where punk teenagers go, and I was there only 10 years ago? Young. That makes me feel ridiculously young.

Anyway, back to yesterday. I felt like the weather was a great present, because it was so overcast and about 30 degrees cooler than normal and barely drizzling, so after breakfast I took Grayden outside to play in the backyard, something we haven't been able to do for weeks and weeks, and I sat on a lawn chair and he ran around and it was so, so nice. Happy Birthday to me. Then the day went as normal, we had to sing the birthday song about 150 times because Nate hung up the birthday sign and Grayden knows exactly what it means and wanted to sing the song every time he saw to try to get his mind off of that song I taught him how to play ring around the rosies and he liked it so much we had to do that 150 times. Back to the birthday song.

Nate invited some close family and friends over to the house for some fabulous red velvet cake and good conversation. It was a pleasant day.

NOW, onto the best part. If I'm going to blog, I like to have a picture, so I emailed Nate this morning and asked if he would send me the pictures he took while I blew out the candles. He took out his iphone when he brought the cake out last night, and honestly something like this went through my head:

"Oh, that's nice of him to take some pictures. Since we can't find our camera battery I didn't think there would be pictures, which I normally wouldn't care about, but since we had Grayden we only have pictures of him, so it will be nice to see what I looked like at this time, and not just Grayden."

Then the emails start to come from Nate. Ready for the pics? Be so excited, this is me turning 28! Remember, the most important birthday of your life.

Am I the only one who thinks that is hilarious??? Old habits die hard, I guess. And of course in the one picture of me I am making a goofy face at Grayden. Wow. We are so pitiful.

On a completely unrelated note, how long does a normal dishwasher usually run? We always start ours at night before bed, but we forgot last night and so Nate started it this morning...and it is still's been 4.5 hours. That can't be good.


Shelley Nicole said...

dude be grateful for your pitiful picture taking of from at least my last few birthdays r lame and would be much cuter of I had some some offspring in them....alas. Anyway the one picture of u is also cute ;-)

Loretta said...

That picture of you looks so much like Amy that I almost fell off my chair thinking that Amy was there for your birthday! Grayden looks just like.......Grayden! Adorable!
You're adorable too so keep on going. Thirty is almost here.