Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I deserve a medal.

With a big inscription that says, "Bad Mother Award".

Grayden has been sick on and off for two weeks. He's such a happy little guy that sometimes it's hard to tell how sick. He's had a fever coming and going, a rash on his face, some sadder than normal days, but they've all been interspersed with days that he seems to feel fine. Since our health insurance improves dramatically in August, and the kid didn't seem to be getting worse, we've been thinking the culprit is a dumb stubborn virus. Hm. Monday his fever went back up to 103 but then Tuesday he seemed fine.

This morning Grayden woke up crying, screaming, and didn't stop for one hour. He has at least four bruises on his head from throwing himself on the floor in huge fits. The best part? My car that I took in two weeks ago and paid a small fortune to fix the mediocre a/c apparently did not get fixed and officially had NO a/c starting Sunday, so we had to take it back into the stupid shop. (Never, ever, go to Tempe Honda. Ever.) So I have no car and a crazy baby who is in danger of giving himself brain damage. Nate had to come home from work and pick us up, take us to the doctor (finally) where we learn Grayden has strep throat.

Go ahead, say it. I brought this wonderful day upon myself. Yep.

**And I left out the part where Nate got a speeding ticket on the way to the doctor's office. Joy.


Crockett Family said...

Oh, Mandy! I am so sorry. Poor little guy. That is miserable for all of you.

Shelley Nicole said...

Awe...sad day! I'm so sorry! You are a great mom, though, it is okay! Hopefully he'll get better soon! (and yuck about your car, sorry :-( )

Loretta said...

Wow! That really stinks! I hope everyone is feeling better. He is such a lovable little guy I know it hurts you when he hurts.