Monday, July 19, 2010

9 to 5

9 years ago, I met this man:

5 years ago, I married this man:

Today I celebrate my wedding anniversary with these men:

And life is good. Really good. Look at could it not be?


Lisa Lou said...

CONGRATS!!! Gosh, really? 9 years? 5 years? Wow. Life is great.

Loretta said...

I think you've got a couple of keepers there. Really, I do.

Shelley Nicole said...

Horray!!! Happy Anniversary! How in the world has it been 9 years!!! What in the heck have I done the last 9 years??? Not that. Oh well! I love you and I love Nate! And Gray is the cutest little thing ever! And that was fun to watch Nate waste away in those passing pictures, ha ha!

joan said...

Love your men and you muchly - Joan