Monday, July 26, 2010


Today Grayden has....
ripped a page out of Nate's scriptures,
scattered formerly organized coupons all over the kitchen,
cut and bruised the area right between his eyes,
eaten bird poop,
splashed the bathroom into a flooded mess,
taken all the neatly folded clothes out of his drawers,
taken a bite out of a candle,
had three stinky diapers,
and that was all before lunchtime.

Bless me to get through this day.


Loretta said...

What a cutie! He takes after his mother! Except for the bird poop part........that's more like Chandra eating the spider.

joan said...

I am thinking that he takes after his father....I am also remembering a few "curses" that I put on him - like "I hope you have a child just like you." Anyway - he did turn out pretty well, I think...jk

Crockett Family said...

Sounds quite familiar!! I feel for ya.

Shelley Nicole said...

Ha ha! I wish I could take him off your hands sometimes! Too bad I don't live closer!