Monday, April 8, 2013

Late Night with....Me

Nice!  I can blog on my iPad.  Maybe I can even attach pictures from my camera role.  This may be dangerous, because at night after Nate falls asleep (at 9pm) and my insomniac self hangs out on the bed in the darkness, all sorts of randomness enters my mind, and I may be tempted to share it.  Is this blog public?  I don't even remember.
 I went to my blog tonight, the first time in a pretty long time, to look over the drastic change that has taken place in my children.  What they say is true, the older you get the faster time goes, and I am only 30 for crying out loud.  My son has lost all of his sweet toddler ness and grown into a crazed little boy.  He is so hilarious I could post daily entries that would send you right past giggling and straight to guffawing.  He is strong and hyper and handsome and brilliant and kind and rough and naughty and silly and curious and stubborn and mischievous and he talks nonstop.  He amazes me with his many talents and his ability to go from tantrum thrower to genius to cuddler and back again in less than five minutes.
 My daughter is knocking on the door of toddler and it terrifies me.  I have never been super crazy about babies, but I already miss the baby version of her.  And what if we don't have more kids?  Then she is the last sweet baby I will have, and I think about that every single time I put her in her crib. First I sniff her....yes, I take a big deep breath through my nose right at her neck.....and think, one day soon she will walk herself to bed and get in it without my help.  With my first kid I was counting down the days, but it is different this time.  Every milestone she reaches causes a little bit more heartache.  But at the same time it is so fun to watch her personality develop, and to see the differences and similarities between her and her brother.  It is fun to watch her do something new and be so completely thrilled with herself.  It's funny how young kids learn pride in their accomplishments.  You can see the look of self satisfaction in their eyes at just months old....wouldn't it be nice if that confidence stayed with us throughout our lifetime!
Life has been really good to us lately, and I have been thinking a lot about how much we have.  Then after listening to General Confence last weekend, it is just abundantly clear that life is wonderful.  Not perfect, but I would rather have it the way things are...... a little messy, a little challenging, a little murky......than worry constantly about the little things.  The most important things are in check, so it's all good :)

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bethany said...

Love this. So true. You turn around and suddenly your second baby is headed off to kindergarten and you are left all alone. Dramatic? Yes. How I feel? Also, yes. I'm having issues....

I love your kids-so happy you live close and I can watch them grow up too!