Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips on how to raise a four year old:

Totally kidding.  I have no idea whatsoever.  Besides, mine won't be four until the 27th.

Today he ran past me and said, "Mom, did you feel that air when I ran past? That's called the Wind of Death."
Today he begged, literally begged me multiple times to be able to sort and fold the pile of clean laundry I had put on my bed.
Today he tackled Avery with a little too much gusto and she cracked her head on the tile. (She's fine)
Today he asked to have quiet time instead of nap time and so I asked him what the rules for quiet time are.  He was able to recite all of them entirely on his own, and they are: no going into sleeping Avery's room, no loud stomping or pounding that makes the floor and entire house shake, no going to the top of the stairs and yelling if it is time to come down, and no tantrum after quiet time when I ask him to clean up the play room.  An hour and a half later he had broken every single one of those rules.
Today Nate got home after 7 and I lasted until 6:35pm before putting on a movie.  I was quite proud of myself.
Today he hid under the play room rug pretending he was a dinosaur fossil and commanded that I discover him.  39 times.
Today he told me that if I were a cake he and Avery would eat me.
Today he was a chef and cooked up some plastic waffles on his play grill.  Then he used a fork and knife to cut it up and fed all of his pretend bites to Avery, which thrilled her.
Today he read 32 of the 35 kindergarten sight words.  (When he can read them all he gets an ice cream cone)
Today he left three different flashlights in the on position scattered throughout the house.
Today he told me he loved me three times (awwwwww)
Today he went to timeout once for throwing ice at the dinner table and once for waking Avery up.

Today Avery somehow unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper in all three bathrooms.

As a side note, I took the kids to the local community college library yesterday.  Today 14 people were stabbed on the very same campus.  I am quite happy we weren't there.

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