Thursday, April 11, 2013


At dinner Grayden held his fork close along his pointer finger and said, "Mom, I wish we had fork fingers.  It would make eating so much easier."  When I agreed he sighed sadly and said (rhetorically), "Why did Jesus make us with just normal fingers..."

My brilliant answer was that people would get stabbed if we tried to tickle them.  He thought that made a lot of sense.

Last night I went to mutual to plan the girls camp skit with the Laurels.  After that, (and after eating a cookie and a piece of cake, oh why do I have zero self control) I went grocery shopping by myself which I have decided is my new plan.  Never grocery shopping with children?  Yes, please.  It was blissfully quiet and unrushed.  And since I am gone every Wednesday evening anyway, it's a good two for one.  Peaceful and efficient, two of my favorite things.

Speaking of self control, today I went to a pizza buffet with a friend for lunch.  Pizza and buffet, two words that should never have been allowed to be put together.  I am not a health nut in the least, but Nate is so dedicated in his exercise routine and diet that I feel like I need to do something, if it just means slightly pay attention to what I eat.  Yesterday I jokingly pushed Nate with both hands flat on his stomach, and to be honest his abs are rock hard.  I just don't have the motivation to be that amazing.  When I do a show that requires dancing I get a lot of exercise, but that is pretty inconsistent.  Maybe once we join the YMCA I will go and take a class or two.  They watch your kids for free, and that is motivation enough.   Now someone else can play tag with him for a bit :). Today while playing tag for the 20th time, he fell and rolled his ankle a bit....and then he looked up at me and said, "Mom, I think I may have too much energy."   Smartest thing I've ever heard him say, before I realized.....he has probably heard that said in reference to him before.  Like, multiple times.

Four months from today our family is going to Grand Cayman on vacation.  I always feel like I desperately need a vacation about three months before we have one scheduled, but I guess I am a little ahead of the curve this time.  I think the roller coaster of last year that culminated in moving to Houston and then getting used to things here while my son acts like a deranged monkey on speed has made me want to take a step back from life and...I don't know, breathe a bit.  Recharge.  (even though the monkey is coming with us). Hopefully I have enough battery left for at least four more months.

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bethany said...

I desperately need a vacation too. There are days I just sit and dream about where I would go....until Storey starts screaming at me. That kills the mood real quick.